Points of how to choose a house

Points of how to choose a house

Is floor heating on as a function of house?

There are four seasons in Japan and you have to live withstood the harsh summer heat, cold in winter. The period of spring and autumn is not so long and the rest is a little hot, it will be a little cold period. The original Japanese residence was mainly designed to live in the summer. The roof is set high and the ventilation is getting better. That tend to be a bit cold in winter. Currently it is a mechanism to survive the cold and the heat by the air conditioner.

Floor heating is popular as a useful and convenient facility. A pipe through which hot water flows is installed in the lower part of the floor and a mechanism is installed to transfer the heat of electricity. Setting it according to its name makes it warmer and warmer from the floor. Since air conditioners and stoves feed heat into the air, air becomes worse and drying proceeds. Even floor heating does not affect air and drying does not proceed.

The question is when to install. There is no problem as long as it is already installed at the time of purchase, but it may be difficult if you plan to install it in a place that is not installed yet. If it is an eco-friendly mechanism, sunlight or solar heat may be combined, but in that case as well, piping etc must be done, so it may be a serious construction. It seems that good effects will be obtained when there are small children and elderly people.

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